Problem resolved (advanced)

This advanced example demonstrates a table notification that generates an automatic message on live feed whenever a problem is closed.

It also adds a message about the assigned user and posts the message from the assignment group profile instead of the problem record.
  • Table: Problem [problem]
  • Active: Select the check box.
  • Update: Select the check box.
  • Post to live feed: Select the check box.
  • Conditions: [Problem State] [is] [Closed/Resolved]
  • Description: Problem Resolved
  • Message:
    Problem ${number} - ${short_description} has been resolved. ${fixedByMsg}
  • Before script:
    //cancel if we didn't just change the problem state if ( !changedFields. contains ( "problem_state" ) )
    answer  = false ;
     //if we have an assigned_to value add a comment about who it was //create a new variable fixedByMsg that we can access from the message
    fixedByMsg  = "" ; if ( !current. assigned_to. nil ( ) )
    fixedByMsg  = " Thank you " + current. assigned_to. getDisplayValue ( ) ;
     //make the message appear to come from the assignment group if we have one if ( !current. assignment_group. nil ( ) )
    profileSource  = current. assignment_group. getRefRecord ( ) ; //need GlideRecord object
    Figure 1. Example problem resolved message
    Example problem resolved message