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Add personal subscriptions

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Add personal subscriptions

After setting up your devices, you can subscribe to notifications that are configured as subscribable.

Before you begin

The Subscription Based Notifications 2.0 plugin must be active.

About this task

If you have subscribed to messages, your list of notification messages can build over time. You can create preferences for how and when these messages are delivered, or unsubscribe to messages that are not configured as mandatory.
Note: Conditions that you apply to personal subscriptions do not override the filters that the administrator creates for the subscribable notifications. Your conditions are evaluated after the conditions on the subscribable notification are met. If the administrator's notification filter fails, the filter conditions on your personal subscription are not evaluated.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > My Profile to open your user profile.
  2. Click the Notification Preferences related link.
    The Notification Preferences page opens. You can see your personal subscriptions and the general notifications that you are subscribed to.
  3. Click Subscriptions.
  4. Click Add Personal Subscriptions.
  5. Fill in the fields as described in the table.
    Figure 1. Add personal subscriptions
    Add personal subscriptions
    Table 1.
    Field Description
    Name A descriptive name for the subscription.
    Notification The notification to subscribe to. You can only subscribe to notifications that are configured to allow subscriptions.
    Table The table that the incident is configured to run on. You cannot modify the table from this form. To select another table, configure the notification. See Create an email notification.
    Active If the subscription is active. Users can receive notifications for subscriptions only if the subscription is active. If it is not active, the on-off switch for the subscription is set to off and is read-only.
    Send to The devices that this subscription is sent to. Selecting the devices in this field is the same as turning on the switch for the subscription on the Subscriptions page.
    Affected record The specific record that the subscription is based on. Click the lookup icon, and then select the table and the specific record in that table.
    Send when An additional condition that must be met to send the notification. For example, you might select a filter whose conditions send notifications when an incident with a priority of 1 - Critical is opened for a network issue. The system evaluates the conditions in this filter after the conditions in the administrator's notification filter.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. You can turn the subscription for active subscribable notifications on or off using the switch on the Subscription management screen.
    Figure 2. Personal subscriptions
    Personal subscriptions

    Personal subscriptions are saved in the Notification Subscriptions [sys_notif_subscription] table. The records in this table are made active or inactive when you slick the switch to subscribe or unsubscribe from the notification.

  8. You can edit the subscription at any time by clicking Edit next to it.