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Legacy chat to Connect Support transition

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Legacy chat to Connect Support transition

Use these basic steps to transition from legacy chat to Connect Support.


Connect Support is an extension of Connect. Users designated as support agents have access to the support tab of the connect sidebar. Connect Support should not be used concurrently with legacy chat.

Before you activate Connect Support

Inform your support agents to close out any existing chats.

Legacy chat uses a different field to determine which state a help desk chat is in. A fix script is built into the Connect Support plugin in Helsinki patch 2 that circumvents this issue by closing out any existing help desk chat sessions. Manually closing out any existing chats before allowing this script to run helps prevent any loss of chat information.

If you do not close out existing help desk chats your metrics and chat queue won't work accurately.

Activate the Connect Support plugin

When you activate the Connect Support plugin, the property redirects the legacy chat URL to Connect Support.

For more information, see Activate Connect Support.

Hide the Social IT application

Activating Connect Support doesn't completely eliminate the legacy chat module. To prevent users from using it, hide the Social IT application menu. For more information, see Enable or disable an application menu or module.