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Connect workspace

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Connect workspace

The Connect workspace is a full-screen view of all your Connect Chat and Connect Support conversations in one place. It provides additional tools to help keep track of important information in conversations.

To open the Connect workspace, navigate to Collaborate > Connect Chat or click the new window icon (New window icon) in a Connect mini window. If you do not have any recent conversations, a screen appears with helpful information about Connect.

The Connect workspace is composed of the following elements.

Table 1. Connect workspace elements
Element Description
Sidebar Provides access to conversations. The Connect sidebar behaves the same way in the workspace as it does in the Connect overlay. The only difference is that the sidebar appears on the left edge of the Connect workspace. For more information about using the sidebar, see Connect sidebar.
Conversation pane Displays the currently selected conversation.
Conversation tools Provides quick access to key information, conversation members, attachments, and notification preferences for the currently selected conversation. Some of the conversation tools vary depending on the type of conversation.
Figure 1. Connect workspace
The Connect workspace contains the Connect sidebar, a conversation pane, and conversation tools