Connect mini windows

When you open a Connect Chat or Connect Support conversation in the Connect overlay, it opens in a Connect mini window. Each mini window contains a header, a conversation area, and a message field.

Several icons appear in the mini window header and by the message field.
Note: The icons you see for each conversation depend on the conversation type and other conditions.
Table 1. Chat mini window icons
Icon Name Description
Add user icon Add user Add a user to the conversation. This icon is visible for group and record conversations only.
View document icon View document View the record associated with the conversation. This icon is visible for record and support conversations only.
New window icon New window Open the conversation in the Connect workspace, a full-screen window with additional Connect tools.
Collapse/Expand window icon Collapse/Expand conversation Hide or show the conversation. Alternatively, click anywhere in the mini window header to the left of the icons.
Close window icon Close window Close the mini window. The conversation remains in the Connect sidebar and the history is preserved when you reopen the conversation. You can also close a mini window by pressing the Escape key.
Connect action menu icon Connect actions Open the Connect actions menu, which contains options like Transfer and Create Incident. This icon is visible only when Connect actions are available for the conversation. By default, this icon is visible for support conversations only. Administrators can add options to this menu by creating new Connect actions.
Message type icon Message type Choose whether messages are added to the associated record as comments or work notes. This icon is visible only for record and support conversations.
Attach file icon Attach file Attach and send a file. Select one or more files and click Open. You can also add an attachment by dragging and dropping it directly in the conversation.