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Schedule Orchestration ROI calculations for premium reports

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Schedule Orchestration ROI calculations for premium reports

Orchestration ROI premium reports use a Performance Analytics job that must be activated before premium reports can be generated.

Before you begin

Role required: orchestration_manager, admin

About this task

The scheduled job required to calculate premium ROI reports is called [PA ROI] Historic Data Collection and is installed with the Orchestration - ROI Premium [com.snc.runbook_automation.roi_premium] plugin. This job is not active by default.


  1. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Data Collector > Jobs.
  2. Search for the [PA ROI] Historic Data Collection job.
  3. Select the Active check box.
  4. The scheduling options appear for the value selected in the Run field.
    For instructions on creating a schedule, see Schedule a data collection job.
  5. To execute the schedule directly from the job definition, click Execute Now.
  6. Click Update.