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Configure Workday notifications

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Configure Workday notifications

You must configure Workday to send notifications to the ServiceNow instance when a new employee is hired, using values that allow the instance to extract the employee identification number.

Before you begin

Administrative privileges on Workday.
Consult the Workday documentation for instructions on performing these procedures.
Important: The values configured in the Workday notification must match values configured on the ServiceNow instance. For details about configuring the ServiceNow instance to receive Workday notifications and parse the data for the employee ID, see Employee Orchestration properties.


  1. Set up email alerts based on the completion of a process on Workday.
    1. In Notification Delivery Settings, ensure that Custom Business Process Notifications is enabled and set to Immediate.
    2. Go to your company's Hire business process and either add a new notification or open an existing notification for edit.
    3. Provide this information for the notification.
      Table 1. Workday notification information
      Field Description
      Trigger on Status Set to Completed.
      Recipients Provide the email ID of the ServiceNow instance, such as
      Text In the Message Content form, provide the Subject content. Employee Orchestration is configured to look for Workday Notification - Employee Hired in the subject line of the notification. This value must match the email trigger that launches the Employee Orchestration workflow.
      Body Define the delimiters containing the employee information that Workday will pass to the ServiceNow instance, and name the field containing the data. You can define any delimiters you want, such as #EmpStart# and #EmpEnd# delimiters. Select the Employee ID field as the source for the information. The delimiters you define here must match the values defined in the Workday Orchestration system properties.
  2. Hire the person for an open position and provide information such as the employee's address and email ID.
    This is the data that the Employee Orchestration workflow returns to the instance and uses to populate the sys_user table.