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Script includes installed with client software distribution

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Script includes installed with client software distribution

These script includes are installed with the Orchestration - Client Software Distribution plugin

Table 1. Script includes for Orchestration - Client Software Distribution
Script include Description

Execute the CSD provider’s specific code

CSDUtil Utility functions for the CSD application.
RefQualsCSD Reference qualifier filter. This script provides the filter functrions for the CSD providers, devices, SCCM application, install collections, and uninstall collections.
SCCMCatItemHandler Sets the field values of specific SCCM catalog items. These values are the SCCM catalog item table name, catalog item name, SCCM provider, and SCCM software configuration.
SoftwareCatItemCreator Creates software catalog items
CSDCatItemHandler Base class for CSD catalog item creation. This script is used by the Create Catalog Item UI action to create and application catalog.
CSDDemoDataUtil Populates demo data.
CSDDemoDataUtilAjax Populates demo data.