SCCM server Discovery for client software distribution

A Discovery workflow populates ServiceNow tables with collection, application, and deployment data retrieved from SCCM servers.

Users run the Discover SCCM workflow from an SCCM Server Instance record to populate the following ServiceNow tables:
Table 1. SCCM data populated in ServiceNow tables
Table Fields
SCCM Aplication [sn_client_sf_dist_sccm_application]
  • name
  • publisher
  • version
  • model
  • sccm_server
SCCM Collection [sn_client_sf_dist_sccm_collection]
  • name
  • type
  • sccm_server
SCCM Deployment [sn_client_sf_dist_sccm_deployment]
  • application
  • collection
  • type
Note: For details about the custom activities used in this workflow to extract data from an SCCM server, see Orchestration SCCM activity pack.