Business rules installed with Notify

Notify adds the following business rules.
Business rule Table Description
No Call Workflows for Shortcodes [notify_group] Checks and displays an error if the call is being triggered by a short code.
Update Call Active State [notify_call_status] Updates the status of the call in notify_call_status with the status received from Twilio.
Update Conference Call Active State [notify_participant Updates the active flag in notify_participant table. Also calculates the duration when the call is ended by a participant.
Update Participant Active State [notify_participant_session] Updates the active flag for the participant (notify_participant), and calculates the total time on the call upon disconnecting from the call.
Update Participant Session Active State [notify_call] Synchronizes the state of the call between notify_call and notify_participant_session. Upon disconnecting from the call, updates notify_participant_session with the duration of the call.