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Manage Legacy Notify conference call participants

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Manage Legacy Notify conference call participants

As a Notify administrator, you can mute, unmute, and kick participants on a conference call.

Before you begin

Role required: notifynow_admin

About this task

Note: This content applies only to the Legacy Notify application, available prior to the Geneva release. For information about the Notify application available starting with Geneva, see Notify.

Muting a participant prevents that person from speaking on the conference call but does not notify any participants, including the muted participant. Kicking a participant removes that person from the conference call and sets the Response field for the participant session to kicked.


  1. Navigate to Notify > Conference Calls.
  2. Select an active conference call.
  3. In the Notify Conference Call Participants related list, select a participant.
  4. Click the button for the action you want to perform, such as Mute to mute the participant.

    You can perform these actions for multiple participants as a single operation using the Actions on selected rows choice list on the Notify Conference Call Participants related list.