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Test the MID Server before an upgrade

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Test the MID Server before an upgrade

Before you upgrade an instance, run these manual tests to ensure that the MID Servers for that instance can upgrade successfully.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Testing helps you identify issues that could cause a MID Server outage or require reinstallation.


  1. Log in to each MID Server using the appropriate user account for that MID Server.
  2. Check that there is at least 1GB of free disk space.
    This is necessary to accomodate the download package required for the upgrade.
  3. On the MID Server host, use a browser to open
    You must have access to this server to download the installation package.
  4. Check that the MID Server user account has the correct file permissions on the server.
    • Navigate to the agent folder where the MID Server is installed to ensure access.
    • Create a new text file in the agent folder and then delete it to ensure the account has rights to manage the temporary folder created during installation.
  5. For Windows MID Servers, verify that the Log on as user for the Windows service is either:
    • Local System (default)
    • A user who is part of the local Administrators group. Domain administrators are part of the local Administrators group by default.