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Validate a MID Server

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Validate a MID Server

When a new MID Server is installed and launched for the first time, it cannot execute any automation tasks until it is validated.

Before you begin

Role required: discovery_admin, agent_admin, admin

Make sure that the MID Server version is compatible with the instance.

About this task

Validation restricts access to automation credentials to trusted MID servers only.


  1. Install the MID Server using the instructions in MID Server installation.
    This creates a record in the MID Server [ecc_agent] table.
  2. Navigate to MID Server > Servers.
  3. Open the new MID Server from the list of MID Servers.
  4. Under Related Links click Validate.

    The Validated field on the dashboard is set to Validating, and then set to Yes (starting with patch 4 and later releases).