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Set the MID Server version

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Set the MID Server version

ServiceNow MID Servers are configured to check the instance for the correct MID Server version, but you can configure the MID Server to use a different version.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

If the version has changed since the last check-in, the MID Server upgrades or downgrades itself accordingly. An administrator might want to edit the MID Server version to enable a new feature or get a fix for a defect. There are two properties that control how and when the MID Server can change its version:
Note: Downgrades are only possible within the same release family.
  • mid.buildstamp

    The mid.buildstamp property identifies the MID Server version with an identifier based on the date of the build. This property uses a date and time format of yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm.

    The MID Server checks for version information hourly. If no override version is configured, the MID Server looks at the mid.buildstamp property for the version to use. This property resets itself to the default version (the version that matches your instance version) when the instance is restarted or upgraded, so any user changes are lost at that time.

  • mid.version.override

    Use this property to set an override condition for the current MID Server version. When the MID Server checks the version each hour, it looks at the mid.version.override property first. If this property is empty, the MID Server will get its version information from the mid.buildstamp property. If an override version is configured, the MID Server uses this value and ignores the version information in the mid.buildstamp property. This override value remains when the instance is restarted and is passed to the MID Server at check in. However, the version in the mid.version.override property is deleted during an upgrade, allowing the MID Server to reset itself to the version in the mid.buildstamp property.

Create the property and then set the value.


  1. In the Navigation pane filter, type sys_properties.list.

    The list of system properties appears.

  2. Click New.
  3. Type mid.version.override in the Name field.
  4. Enter a description, such as, Set an override value for the current MID Server version.
  5. Enter a version for the MID Server to use that is different from the version ServiceNow has selected in the mid.buildstamp property.

    The date and time format is yyyy-mm-dd-hhmm.

  6. Click Submit.