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Confirm connectivity to the MID Server

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Confirm connectivity to the MID Server

Confirm connectivity of the MID Server before you run a Discovery schedule.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Verify that the MID Server service is running:
    • Windows: In the Windows Services console, locate the ServiceNow [MID Server name] and confirm that each MID Server has the Started Status value.
    • Linux: Ensure that the agent0.log.0.lck appears in the /servicenow/ MID Server name]/agent folder.
  2. After each MID Server restart, open the agent0.log.0 and address all error messages.
  3. Confirm network connectivity by pinging the instance URL, executing a telnet to instance URL at port 443, and/or performing a traceroute to the instance URL.
  4. From the ServiceNow instance, navigate to MID Server > Servers.
  5. Review and verify that all MID Servers that are connected to the ServiceNow instance are listed.
  6. Verify that the Status is Up for the MID Servers.