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Configure an IP address range for the MID Server

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Configure an IP address range for the MID Server

Configure an IP address range on the MID server to let Orchestration and Service Mapping determine which MID Server to use.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

Orchestration uses the IP address of the target machine to select the correct MID Server to use for Orchestration activities. This functionality ensures that a MID Server with connectivity to the target is chosen to perform the Orchestration activity. See Configure a MID Server for an IP address range for more information.

Service Mapping elects the MID Server whose IP address range matches the IP in the discovery request. See MID Server configuration for Service Mapping for more information.

Valid IP address ranges can be as follows:
  • An IP address in dotted decimal or hexadecimal format. The hexadecimal format can be explicitly prefixed with 0x, this is not mandatory. Here are examples:
    • 0x0A0B909B
    • 0A0B909B
  • An IP address range in dotted decimal or hexadecimal format. Here are examples:
    • 0x0A0B9096-0x0A0B90A0
  • An IP network address with the net mask specified after a slash (/) in regular notation (0-32 inclusive) or in IP address notation. Dotted decimal or hexadecimal format is not allowed. Here are examples:
    • 0x0A0B9000/24
    • 0x0A0B9000/0xFFFFFF00


  1. Navigate to MID Server > IP Ranges.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill out the form fields (see table).
    Figure 1. IP address ranges
    IP address ranges
    Field Description
    Name Enter a descriptive name.
    Type Select the type of range:
    • Include:
    • Exclude: Exclude the IP address range.
    Range Enter the range in an valid format.
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    MID Servers Select the MID Server that can use this IP address range.
  4. Click Save.