MID Server connection prerequisites

You must install a MID Server on a local network resource and configure it to communicate with the machines it probes.

The local network resource must have these network privileges:
  • Firewall access: Configure any firewalls between the MID Server and the target devices to allow a connection. If your network uses a DMZ, and if your network security protocols limit port access from within the network to the DMZ, you might have to deploy a MID Server to a machine within the DMZ to probe the devices there.
  • Network access: Configure target devices to allow the MID Server probe to connect. If network security prevents you from configuring new machines that can connect to the targets, install the MID Server on an existing machine with connection privileges.
  • Network account: Install the MID Server with the proper account, either local or domain administrator.
Additionally, for the MID Server to access your ServiceNow instance, satisfy these prerequisites:
  • Network access to the ServiceNow instance: Configure the network that the MID Server uses to allow traffic over TCP port 443.
  • A MID user: Create a ServiceNow user record for the MID Server to use. This user record must have the mid_server and import_admin roles.
Note: Verify that the baseline public page InstanceInfo is active for the MID Server to connect to the instance.