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Create domain-specific MID server files

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Create domain-specific MID server files

You can create versions of specific MID Server files that only MID Servers in your domain can use.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, agent_admin


  1. Open or create a record in one of these MID Server modules:
    • SNMP MIBs
    • JAR Files
    • Script Files
  2. Update an existing policy or submit a new record.
    The system overrides the global domain configuration with your domain and saves a new copy of the record. The MID Servers in your domain can only access records in the global domain and records overridden by your specific domain.
    Note: Attachments on MIB or JAR file records might not appear as they did in a non-domain separated environment. This occurs because the Attachments [sys_attachment] table is data separated. When data is separated between domains, a record in a child domain cannot access records in a parent domain.