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Import the CyberArk JAR file

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Import the CyberArk JAR file

Import the CyberArk JavaPasswordSDK.jar file into the instance to make it accessible to the MID Server.

Before you begin

Role required: agent_admin, admin

Before starting this procedure, ensure that CyberArk is configured to allow the MID Server access to credentials. Ensure that the CyberArk AIM API is installed on each server hosting a MID Server that is used to access the vault.

About this task

Use this process even if the JavaPasswordSDK.jar file already exists on the MID Server.


  1. Navigate to MID Server > JAR Files.
  2. Click New.
  3. Complete the form using the fields in the table.
    Table 1. JAR File form fields
    Field Description
    Name Unique and descriptive name for identifying the file in the instance.
    Version Optional version number for the file, if one is available.
    Source Provider of the JAR file. Source information is not used by the system.
    Description Optional short description of the JAR file and its purpose in the instance.
  4. Attach the JAR file to this record.
    The AIM JavaPasswordSDK.jar file comes with the AIM SDK installation files and is typically located on the MID Server in the AIM installation directory at <install_dir>/CyberArk/ApplicationPasswordSdk.
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Restart the MID Server service.
    The platform makes the JAR file available to any MID Server configured to communicate with the instance.