Configure MID Server credentials from the credentials table

Configure the MID Server to use Windows credentials from the Credentials [discovery_credentials] table.

About this task

To have the MID Server use credentials from the Credentials [discovery_credentials] table:


  1. Add individual Windows credentials to the Credentials [windows_credentials] table.
    • Verify each credential meets the permission requirements.
    • Verify each username meets the name format requirements.
    • Verify each credential meets the Windows domain requirements.
  2. [Optional] Configure the MID Server to use Powershell by setting the mid.use_powershell parameter to true. See MID Server Configuration.
  3. [Optional] By default, Discovery automatically uses the MID Server service account credentials if all credentials in the Credentials table fail. If you do not want to use the MID Server service credentials as a fall back, set the mid.powershell.local_mid_service_credential_fallback parameter to false.