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How the MID Server handles Windows accounts on CyberArk

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How the MID Server handles Windows accounts on CyberArk

The MID Server must determine if the Windows credential it receives from CyberArk is a local or domain account.

Credential lookup first attempts to match the specified credential ID to an existing value in the CyberArk vault Name field. If a match is found, that credential is returned. If no match is found, the credential lookup attempts to find a match using the IP address. If the IP address lookup matches more than one credential, such as Windows and Tomcat on the same server, the lookup fails. To avoid this issue, set the ext.cred.type_specifier parameter in the MID Server config.xml file to true to force CyberArk to return credentials that match both the credential type and the IP address. For example, if an IP address is shared by both Windows and Tomcat, a credential type of Windows returns the Windows credential only.