Discovery vs. Help the Help Desk

Help the Help Desk is a standard feature available through the self-service Help the Help Desk application.

It gathers information, much as Discovery does, about a single Windows computer by running a script on that computer. Discovery does many things that Help the Help Desk cannot do.
Table 1. Comparison of Discovery vs. Help the Help Desk
Capability Discovery Help the Help Desk
Automatic discovery by schedule Check
Automatic discovery on user login Check
Manually initiated discovery Check Check
Windows workstations Check Check
Windows servers Check Check*
Linux systems Check
Unix systems (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac (OSX)) Check
Network devices (switches, routers, UPS, etc.) Check
Automatic discovery of computers and devices Check
Automatic discovery of relationships between processes running on servers Check
*Returns information about Windows server machines when Discovery is installed.