Escalate a certification task

Users with the certification_admin role can escalate a task in the Work in Progress state. To escalate a task, the task owner identified in the Assigned to field on the task record must have an associated manager.

About this task

You may need to personalize the User form to see the Manager field.

Escalating a task:
  • Sends an email message to the task owner and the task owner's manager stating that the task has been escalated.
  • Sets the manager as the new task owner.

The event that triggers the escalation is named cert_task.escalate and the email notification is named Escalation Notification. To edit the text of the email message that is sent, edit the Escalation Notification email notification directly.

For more information, see Email notifications.

To escalate a certification task from the Certification Task form:


  1. Navigate to Data Certification > Tasks > All Tasks.
  2. Click a certification task Number.
  3. Click Escalate. If the Escalate button is not available, the user in the Assigned to field does not have an associated Manager.