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Data Certification planning

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Data Certification planning

Initial planning can make the certification process more successful.

By defining certification schedules and certification audit definitions, users with the certification_admin role establish when certifications are performed, who performs it, and what data must be certified.

Required Roles

Users with the certification_admin role can view filter versions. These users can create, update, and delete filters, if they have the proper access to necessary tables. In the base ServiceNow system, certification_admin users have limited system rights and might not have access to all the tables required for creating a filter. When assigning compliance resources, make sure to grant additional roles to the certification_admin user as needed. For example, this user might need roles that grant access to these tables:
  • Company [core_company]
  • Cost Center [cmn_cost_center]
  • Schedule [cmn_schedule]

Planning Data Certification

Planning the data certification process requires defining the following:
  • The certification schedule defines certification for a particular set of information on a particular table. It also generates certification tasks to perform that certification. One certification task is generated per task owner and the tasks are grouped together by a certification instance record.
  • The optional certification audit definition groups a number of certification schedules to be performed together and generates certification audit instances to perform them.
The following questions should be answered for each certification schedule:
  • What information needs to be certified?
  • When is the due date by which the information needs to be certified?
  • Who must perform the certification?