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Data Certification

Data Certification

Data Certification manages scheduled and on-demand validations of the configuration management database (CMDB) data.

Information is added to the CMDB by Discovery, by importing from third-party tools, or manually. For regulatory or procedural reasons, information in the CMDB needs to be checked for accuracy and certified. The person or team responsible for certification can define what information should be verified and the verification schedule. The schedule then generates a checklist for verifying the data. Individuals assigned to certification tasks answer a series of questions to verify the data.

Data certification can be performed against specific fields on specific tables. Based on the certification schedule, certification tasks are automatically created and assigned. For example, you can set up a certification to validate key information fields, such as Operating System and CPU count, on all Windows servers located in Chicago and assign the tasks to the appropriate team member automatically.

Domain separated systems can use the Data Certification application.