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Verify proposed changes

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Verify proposed changes

Before applying proposed changes to affected CIs, use proposed change verification rules to verify that the changes meet business requirements and do not add invalid data to the CMDB.

Before you begin

Create or edit the rules used to verify proposed changes. For details, see Create or edit a proposed change verification rule.

Role required: none

About this task

You can apply proposed changes even if they are unverified or fail a verification test.


  1. Open the Change Request form that affects the CI.
  2. Click Verify Proposed Changes.
    The proposed changes are verified against any proposed change verification rules in which the CI meets the Filter condition criteria.
  3. Review the message that appears at the top of the form after the verification process is finished.
    The message states whether the verification tests passed or failed.

What to do next

To view the details of any verification tests that were performed for the change request in the past two days, click the Proposed Change Verification Log related link.