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Run the Help the Help Desk script

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Run the Help the Help Desk script

You can run the Help the Help Desk script manually.

About this task

You also can configure Help the Help Desk to run automatically when users log into their computer. For more details, see Help the Help Desk login script .


  1. On your instance, navigate to Self Service > Help the Help Desk.
  2. Click Start the Scan to Help the Help Desk.
    You are prompted to run or save the discovery.hta script.
  3. Run or save the discovery.hta script.
    • If your browser is Windows Internet Explorer, run the script.
    • If you are using any other browser, click Save and save the script to the local machine. To execute the saved script, double-click the file.
    The script runs a series of WMI queries to gather information about the Windows machine. When it is finished, the data is sent back to your instance and is used to populate the configuration database (CMDB).