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Run the script with browsers other than Internet Explorer

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Run the script with browsers other than Internet Explorer

You can run the discovery.hta script with browsers other than Internet Explorer.

About this task

Browsers other than IE cannot handle files with the .hta extension. Browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Opera prompt users to download the script file, which you can then double-click to run.

However, in Windows XP (including Vista, Windows 2003 Server, and later), files downloaded from the Internet are marked with a security restriction that interferes with running the script. The typical error message introduced by this security restriction looks like this:

eccEvent(): Access Denied

To remove the security lock on the downloaded file, complete the following steps.


  1. Right-click on the downloaded file and select Properties.
    The following message is displayed on the bottom of the form:
    This file came from another computer and may be blocked to protect this computer.
  2. Click Unblock to remove the security restriction.
    The script will run if SOAP authentication is disabled.