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Explore and modify CI class

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Explore and modify CI class

The CI Class Manager displays the entire CMDB class hierarchy in a tree-view format, consolidating class definitions into a central location. It lets you define metadata for a class, such as reconciliation rules, required and recommended fields, and audit templates. You can also select a specific class to view, to modify, or to extend its definition to create a new CI class.

About this task

In the CI Class Manager, you can review and manage the health rules and settings for all CMDB Health metrics, at the class level. You can configure scorecard settings for calculating overall health for a class, and overall health for the entire CMDB.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
  2. Check Advanced and expand all strips that are closed.
  3. Select any scorecard to review and update its setting for the class.
  4. Expand the Class Hierarchy to explore the class hierarchy and to select a class to modify.
  5. Modify any class detail as needed, and click Update.