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Determine values for the Assigned to field

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Determine values for the Assigned to field

This page explains how to set properties to determine which value appears in the Assigned to field when the script is run.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

Any user name that contains the \n characters prevents the Assigned to field on a computer from being populated.


Navigate to System Definition > Help the Help Desk.
glide.wmi.assigned_to_always_overwrite If the Help the Help Desk script is run on the same computer by different users, the platform overwrites the user name in the Assigned to field each time the script is run.

To prevent this, set the For Help the Help Desk script, if the property is "yes", the "assigned_to" field of the CI is always overwritten; otherwise the field is not overwritten unless it is empty [glide.wmi.assigned_to_always_overwrite] property to false (clear the check box).

glide.discovery.assigned_user_match_field Help the Help Desk attempts to match a Windows user name it finds with the the user_name field of the User [sys_user] table. However, this might not be desirable if the user_name field from the User [sys_user] table contains formatting that is different from that found in Windows.

The For Discovery and Help the Help Desk, the following field in the sys_user table is used to associate a computer CI with a user [glide.discovery.assigned_user_match_field] property enables you to select an alternative field for matching. For example, you can create a field called u_username, and then populate it with a user ID that can be matched against the Windows user name. In this case, replace the default value in the property with u_username.