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Create or edit a relationship filter

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Create or edit a relationship filter

Create a custom relationship filter to display CI relationships from selected tables in the CI relations formatter.

Before you begin

Role required: ecmdb_admin

About this task

The CI relations formatter displays related CIs for the base CI, and the relationships between the CIs. You can use relationship filters on the CI relations formatter to customize CI relationship views.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Relationships > Relationship Filters.
  2. Click New or select a filter to edit.
  3. Enter or edit the relationship filter name.
  4. Right-click the form header and click Save.
  5. In the Configuration Types section, click Edit.
  6. On the Edit Members form, select the tables of the CIs that you want to show with the filter and then move the tables to the Configuration Types list.
  7. Click Save.


On a CI form, in the relations formatter settings, you can select the newly defined relationship filter from the Filter Relations by CMDB View list.

In the legacy CI relations formatter, you can click View and select the newly defined relationship filter.

After you select a filter, the relations formatter displays only CIs from the tables specified in the filter or from descending tables.