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Allow users without a ServiceNow instance login to run the script

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Allow users without a ServiceNow instance login to run the script

You can configure the Help the Help Desk script to run for users without prompting for a user name and password.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

This setup enables users who do not have access privileges to an instance to run the script on their Windows machines without having to provide a user name and password. The script can be configured to login in automatically as a SOAP user with the soap_ecc role.


  1. Log in to your instance with Windows Internet Explorer.
  2. Navigate to System Definition > Help the Help Desk Login Script.
  3. Follow the download instructions in the page that appears.
  4. Put the helpthehelpdesk.js file in the following folder: %SystemRoot%\sysvol\sysvol\<domain DNS name>\scripts where %SystemRoot% is usually c:\winnt or c:\WINDOWS and <domain DNS name> is the DNS name of the domain, similar to
    This folder is replicated to all domain controllers in the domain.
  5. Open the helpthehelpdesk.js file in a text editor, such as Wordpad.
  6. Check the var server line to ensure that the URL for your ServiceNow instance is correct.

    The name of the instance is added automatically. It should look something like this: var server = ""

    Login scrip with instance name
  7. Ensure that basic authorization for SOAP requests is enabled in your instance and a SOAP user is defined.
    This allows the script to connect to your instance. The entry should look something like this:
    var httpUsername = "user_on_your_instance"; 
    var httpPassword = "user's_password";
  8. Make the script file available to all users.