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Add a proposed change to a CI

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Add a proposed change to a CI

Proposed changes to a CI can be made while viewing a change request or any task-related record.

Before you begin

Role required: itil


  1. In the Change Request form, go to the Affected CIs related list.
    If there are no CIs in the Affected CIs list, click Edit to add CIs that are affected by this change request.
  2. Right-click the CI that you want to configure for a proposed change, and select Proposed Change.
  3. Complete the form to make the proposed changes, and click Save Proposed Change.
    Click Update to apply the changes immediately. Click Delete to delete the CI.
  4. To propose an addition or a removal of a CI relationship:
    1. Click the plus icon in the Related Items section.
    2. In the Relationships section, add or delete a relationship. For information about using the relationship editor, see Create or edit a CI relationship.
    3. Click Save Propose Change.
    4. Confirm saving the proposed change.
    Click Update or Delete to commit the changes immediately.
    Note: Use only with CI relationships. Proposing additions or removal of relationships is not valid for user relationships and group relationships.
    After the proposed changes are saved, the Apply Proposed Changes button appears on the Change Request form. This button lets the user commit the proposed changes to the CI. Your business processes determine the appropriate time to commit the changes. The CI retains the existing data until the proposed changes are committed. However, users can see that changes have been proposed.