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Access Help the Help Desk status

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Access Help the Help Desk status

Help the Help Desk displays the status of all scans in daily records. Drill down into a record for details on how the CMDB was updated within the last 24 hours from scans performed on the instance.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Help the Help Desk Status.
    A new status record is created each day and displays the number of scans completed (devices scanned). The Description field shows Help the help desk as the source of the scan.
    Help the help desk status
  2. To view the details of individual scans, open a scan record.
  3. In the scan record, select the Devices tab to view all the devices scanned by Help the Help Desk that day.
    Each CI displays the device class and the activity completed: Created CI or Updated CI. By default, Help the Help Desk cannot discriminate class between servers and workstations and classifies each CI as a Computer. However, if Discovery is activated on the instance, Help the Help Desk can classify CIs as either Windows servers or computers.
    Help the help desk devices
  4. Select the ECC Queue tab to examine the data payload returned from each scan.


If Discovery is active on the instance, the Help the Help Desk status appears in the Discovery Status record list. These scan records are described as Help the help desk in the list to differentiate them from regular discoveries run from a schedule or a UI action. Open the status record to access the forms described in this page.

Discovery status list