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Tables installed with CMDB Health

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Tables installed with CMDB Health

CMDB Health tracks and reports various metrics that monitor the health of the CMDB. CMDB Health adds the following tables.

Table Description
CMDB Health Metric


Details such as if a metric is enabled, maximum failure threshold, and other settings for all CMDB Health metrics and sub-metrics.
CMDB Health Result


Results from the most recent CMDB Health processing cycle.
CMDB Health Scorecard


Current and historic health scores. Status of historic score records is 'Historic', and of latest score records is 'Complete’.
CMDB Health Orphan Rule


Rules for calculating orphan records per class.
CMDB Recommended Fields


Recommended fields per class.
CMDB Health Metric Status


Internal table that tracks the status of each metric that is being processed. Includes metric status, processing time, and processing start date.
A metric state changes from 'In Progress' to either of:
  • Complete
  • MaxFailures
  • Daily Processing Time Out
Processing of a timed out metric continues on the following day.
CMDB Health Processor Status


Internal table that tracks the processing progress of each metric. Contains a list of tables that are processed for each metric, and processing status. Classes are processed sequentially, changing status from Draft -> In Progress -> Complete.