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Relation qualifier

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Relation qualifier

A relation qualifier, which is a CI of the Qualifier [cmdb_ci_qualifier] type, stores important information about the CI relationships. In a relation qualifier, you can annotate arbitrary unique information about the relationship between two CIs. You can define multiple qualifiers for a single relationship, resulting in a qualifier chain, however there can be only a single qualifier chain for a specific relationship type between two CIs.

For example, for a relationship between a parent CI and a child CI, you can add a relation qualifier to note that the relationship was discovered based on traffic (such as cmdb_ci_qualifier_trafficbased). This results in having two records in the CI Relationship [cmdb_rel_ci] table for the relationship.

  • A record that links the parent CI and the new qualifier
  • A record that links the new qualifier and the child CI

For this relationship, there is a parent CI and a child CI, and a relation qualifier of type cmdb_ci_qualifier_trafficbased.

For information about usage of relation qualifiers in the identification process, see Identification rules.