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Proposed changes

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Proposed changes

The proposed changes feature allows you to pre-configure changes to configuration items and their associated relationships. These pre-configured changes are prepared to be implemented, but do not actually happen until they are applied at a later time.

When you view a CI, the proposed changes can be displayed so that you can see what is planned.

This feature is useful when you want to make modifications while a change process is in the approval stage, and only implement the changes after the approvals are complete. If the change is never approved, no changes to records have to be reversed. If the change is approved, a quick command applies all the proposed changes.

You can make the following proposed changes to a CI:

  • Modify any field on the CI form.
  • Add or delete a relationship to that CI.

To modify a relationship, you must delete the current relationship and add a new relationship. You cannot delete a proposed change.