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Baseline CMDB

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Baseline CMDB

CMDB baselines provides capabilities that help you to understand and control the changes that have been made to your configuration items.

  • You can create a baseline, which is a snapshot of your configuration items. You can review the changes that have been made to that configuration item since a previous baseline. Multiple baselines may be created and the system tracks the changes that have been made per baseline.

    Creating a baseline captures the attributes of the CI as well as all first level relationships for the CI. Any changes to the base CI or to any related CIs are captured and displayed. Newly created CIs are not automatically added to a baseline.

  • You can associate a configuration item with a task, generally a change or change task, and to propose changes that are to be made to the CI after the change is complete. You can record changes, and these changes are not applied to the CI immediately but are delayed until the change is complete.

    When the change is complete, you can choose to apply the proposed changes which makes all changes previously proposed and associates the changes with the task.

You need the ecmdb_admin role to create and access baselines.