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Use Puppet

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Use Puppet

Puppet users can request changes to a Linux computer configuration item (CI) assigned to them. Puppet change management ensures that requested changes go through a controlled change process that includes approvals.

Before you begin

Role required: puppet_user or puppet_admin

About this task

After a change is approved and the requesting user proceeds with the change, the Puppet Master modifies the computer to bring it to the desired state.

The instance can store data about several Puppet resource types including modules, manifests, classes, and nodes.

Puppet module, manifest, and class records are maintained in Puppet and can be viewed in the instance. A Puppet administrator can retrieve these records from a Puppet Master. It is not necessary to activate Discovery to discover the Puppet environment.


  1. Navigate to Puppet > Puppet Masters.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Puppet Master form, enter the Name of the Puppet Master and the IP Address of the host computer.
  4. Right-click the form header and select Save.
  5. Click Discover Puppet Details under Related Links.
    • The instance detects the Puppet Master and completes the remaining fields in the form.
    • The instance discovers the Puppet modules, manifests, and classes, and creates records for them in the respective tables.
    Figure 1. Puppet Discover Server