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Set up Chef key stores

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Set up Chef key stores

The ServiceNowinstance requires an X.509 certificate to communicate with Chef resources.

About this task

To set up a key store:


  1. Navigate to Chef > Setup > Key Stores.
  2. Click New and then enter a Name and Short description for the key store. Fill in the form.
    Table 1. X.509 Certificate form
    Field Description
    Expiration notification Select the check box to activate the expiration notifications: Notify on expiration, Warn in days to expire, and Expires in days
    Active Select the check box to activate the key store.
    Format Key store format. If you select DER, you are prompted to attach a DER-encoded certificate file.
    Type Key store type.
    Note: Attach the chef_user.pkcs12 file in the X.509 Certificate record and not in the user record.
    Valid from Starting date when the key store is valid.
    Expires Date that the key store expires.
    Issuer Key store issuer.
    Subject Key store subject.
    PEM Certificate For PEM key store format, the key certificate.
    Key store password Key store password, if required.
  3. To validate the key store alias, click the Validate Stores/Certificates related link.
  4. Click Submit.