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Modify a Puppet node definition

Modify a Puppet node definition

The Checkout Draft related link on the Puppet Node Definitions form creates an editable draft copy of the record.

Before you begin

Role required: puppet_admin

About this task

Before a Puppet user or Puppet administrator can commit changes to a node definition, the user's manager must approve the change request.

When making a change to a node with one or more class declarations, the system duplicates these related records and associates the duplicates with the new node definition draft record.

To update a node definition:


  1. Navigate to Puppet > Node Definitions.
  2. Select a published node definition.
  3. Click Checkout Draft.

    This step creates an editable copy of the current record as a draft and opens the form for the record.

  4. Update the draft record as needed and then click Publish.
    • This related link creates a change request record. A draft can have only one active change request at a time.
    • After the requesting user's Manager approves the request, the Proceed with Change related link appears on the Puppet Node Definition Draft form.
    After the user's manager approves the request:
    1. Navigate to the relevant node definition draft record.
    2. Click Proceed with Change to push the changes to the original node definition record and delete the draft record.

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