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Modify a node definition

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Modify a node definition

The Checkout Draft related link on the Chef Node Definition form creates an editable draft copy of the record. Before a Chef user or Chef administrator can commit changes to a node definition, the user's manager must approve the change request.

Before you begin

Role required: chef_admin

About this task

When making a change to a node with one or more associated components and attributes, the system duplicates these related records and associates the duplicate with the new node definition draft record. Use the slushbucket to add or remove roles, recipes, and attributes from Chef node definition.


  1. Navigate to Chef > Node definition or Configuration Automation > Node definition.
  2. Select a published node definition.
  3. Click the Checkout Draft related link.

    This creates an editable copy of the current record as a draft and opens the form for that record.

  4. Update the draft record.
  5. Click the Publish related link.
    • This related link creates a change request record. A draft can have only one active change request at a time.
    • After the requesting user's manager approves the request, the Proceed with Change related link appears on the Chef Node Definition Draft form.
    After the user's manager approves the request:
    1. Navigate to the relevant node definition draft record.
    2. Click Proceed with Change to push the changes to the original node definition record and delete the draft record.