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Modify a Chef node

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Modify a Chef node

How to modify a Chef node with change management enabled.

Before you begin

Role required: chef_admin

About this task

Change management prevents Chef users from directly editing the Configuration automation or Node definition fields on the CI form. Additionally, the Create New Configuration Change related link appears on the CI form for Chef node CIs.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Servers > Linux.
  2. Select a Linux CI record that is assigned to the logged-in user.
  3. Go to the Configuration Automation section to view the current configuration automation settings.
  4. Click the Create New Configuration Change related link.

    A new Configuration Automation Change form appears.

  5. Edit the fields, as necessary (see table).
    Table 1. Configuration automation
    Field Description
    Phase The phase of the configuration automation change: Draft, Requested, Approved, Rejected, In Progress, Completed, Canceled, or Error.
    Computer The CI affected by the change.
    Fully qualified domain name The fully qualified domain name that Chef uses to access this CI.
    Provider The configuration automation provider managing this CI.
    Management server The server managing this CI.
    Node definition The node definition for this CI.
    Change request The change request number.
    Requested CI Node attributes Node attributes included in this change request.
  6. Click the Request Change related link.
  7. Click OK in the confirmation pop-up.
  8. Click Update.
    • If there is an active change associated to the CI, the Cancel Change related link replaces Create New Configuration Change on the CI form. Only one active Chef change request for a CI is allowed at any time.
    • After the requesting user's Manager approves the request, the Proceed with Change related link appears with Cancel Change.
    After the user's manager approves the request:
    1. Navigate to the relevant CI record.
    2. Click the Proceed with Change related link. This link is available only when a change has been approved.
      Figure 1. Chef configuration automation change
      Chef configuration automation change