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Manage a Chef node

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Manage a Chef node

You can configure Chef settings for a specific node directly in the CI form.

Before you begin

Role required: chef_admin

About this task

To view a list of CIs that use Chef configuration automation and are assigned to the logged-in user, navigate to Configuration Automation > Managed Nodes. By default, a Chef user cannot directly modify the Chef fields on the CI form, and must request changes through a controlled change process.
Note: Updates to a CI reset the Node group assignment state to Ready. The Ready state ensures that assignment rules are applied and that the CIs are re-assigned based on the new values. For example, updating FQDN or IP address might reassign a CI to a different node group.


  1. Navigate to Configuration Automation > Managed Nodes or Configuration > Servers > Linux.
  2. Open the node and then edit the fields in the Configuration Automation related list.
    Table 1. CI form
    Field Description
    Fully qualified domain name FQDN that Chef uses to access this CI.
    Provider Configuration Automation provider that manages this CI.
    Management Server Server that manages this CI.
    Node group assignment state State of automatic assignment of this CI to a node group, as described in the following table.
    State Description
    Ready Default state for newly discovered CIs. Assignment rules are applied only to CIs in the Ready state.
    In Progress CI is currently experiencing a configuration change.
    Assigned CI is part of one or more node groups.
    Processed Assignment rules have been applied to the CI. There may or may not be a match.
    Excluded Configuration admin role can exclude a CI from being processed by the assignment rules.
  3. Click Update.