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Define Puppet credentials

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Define Puppet credentials

The user account on the Puppet Master server must have rights to run Puppet and view all Puppet files.

Before you begin

Role required: puppet_admin

About this task

Before the instance can communicate with Puppet, an administrator must define a credential record for a user on a Puppet Master server. See the official Puppet role documentation for more information about setting up users on the Puppet server.


  1. Navigate to Orchestration > Credentials.
  2. Click New.
  3. Select the credential Type appropriate for the Puppet Master server.
  4. Enter the User name and Password for a user on the Puppet Master server. This user must have rights on the Puppet Master server to run Puppet and view all Puppet files.
  5. [Optional] Select Specific MID Servers from the Applies to field, and select the MID Server that has access to the Puppet Master.
  6. Click Submit.