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Create a Puppet node definition

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Create a Puppet node definition

A node definition groups several classes together.

Before you begin

Role required: puppet_admin

About this task

A Puppet administrator must create a node definition before a Puppet user can assign it to Puppet nodes. When a Puppet user assigns a node definition to a Puppet node, the Puppet node uses the classes specified by the node definition.

To create a new node definition, create an editable node definition draft and then publish the draft.


  1. Navigate to Puppet > Node Definitions.
  2. Click New Draft.
  3. Fill in and then save the form.
    Table 1. Creating Node Definitions
    Field Description
    Provider [Read-only] The configuration automation provider for this definition.
    Inherits [Optional] The parent node definition that contains class declarations to be inherited.
    Puppet master The Puppet Master that manages the nodes that use this node definition.
    State [Read-only] The state of the node definition: Draft or Published.
    Environment [Optional] An additional parameter that allows you to group Puppet nodes. See Puppet Environments documentation for more information.
    Replaces [Read-only] For node definition draft records, the original node definition record that the draft replaces when published.
    Change request [Read-only] The change request generated when the draft is published.
  4. Click Publish.