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Create a Chef node definition

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Create a Chef node definition

Chef node definitions can be composed of environments, cookbooks, roles, recipes, and attributes.

Before you begin

Role required: chef_admin

About this task

A Chef node definition needs to be associated with a specific management server.


  1. Navigate to Chef > Node Definition.
  2. Click New Draft.
  3. Fill in the form, as described in the table.
  4. Save the form.
  5. To add an environment, select the environment in the Environment field.
  6. To edit node components, click Edit in the Chef Node Components related list and make any changes on the form.

    The slushbucket shows up to 100 available components. If you do not see a component in the Collection list, search for the component name.

  7. To add or modify attributes, click New or Edit under the Chef Node Attribute related list, and update the form.
  8. To create a managed node, click New under the Managed Node related list, and fill out the form.
  9. Click Publish.
    Table 1. Chef node definition
    Field Description
    Name The name to identify the Chef node definition.
    Environment The Chef environment.
    Provider [Read-only] The provider, in this case Chef.
    Change Request [Read-only] The change request for this change, if any.
    Chef Server The Chef server that manages the nodes that use this definition.
    State [Read-only] The state of the node definition: Draft or Published.
    Replaces [Read-only] For node definition draft records, the original node definition record that the draft replaces when published.