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Add a Chef node attribute

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Add a Chef node attribute

How to add a Chef node attribute.

Before you begin

Role required: chef_admin


In a node definition draft, click New from the Chef Node Attribute related list and fill out the form (see table).

If there is an existing attribute with the same path and name as the newly created attribute, the new attribute replaces the old attribute.

Table 1. Chef node attribute
Field Description
Name [Required] A name to identify the attribute.
Data Type The attribute's data type—Array, Number, Boolean, Object, or String.
Attribute level The attribute level—Default, Force Default, Normal, Override, or Force Override.
Path The attribute path. Use "." to separate path elements. For example, "mysql.password" matches the Chef attribute ["mysql"]["password"].
Value The attribute value. The format is JSON and should match the data type. For example, if the data type is boolean, the value can be only true or false.