Puppet activity: Get Node Certificates

The Get Node Certificates activity retrieves a list of the node certificates that are signed, requested, or revoked for a Puppet Master.

When successful, the activity stores the certificates as a JavaScript array called puppetNodeCerts. Access this JavaScript array in the sensor script by calling the puppetNodeCerts variable. The activity does not add this variable to the workflow scratchpad. Each object contains the arrays signed, revoked, and requested.

Each array contains these fields:
  • hostname: the hostname of the node making the request.
  • cert_line: the full text returned by the Puppet Master for each node.
Table 1. Input variables
Field Description
Puppet master The IP address of the Puppet Master that has pending certificate requests you want to retrieve.
Sensor script JavaScript that runs after the command executed by the activity completes. You can use this script to process any data returned by the command.