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Provision a virtual machine with Puppet

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Provision a virtual machine with Puppet

The procedure for ordering a virtual machine with Puppet is the same as for ordering a standard virtual machine through the service catalog.

Provisioning a virtual machine with Puppet does not add the virtual machine information as a virtual machine CI. Instead, the instance records the new CI as a Linux server.

Completing Provisioning Tasks

A cloud operator must complete the provisioning task generated by the catalog request to provision the virtual machine. To provision a virtual machine with Puppet, ensure that:
  • Guest customization is set to Yes.
  • Node definition is set to a node definition.

Authenticating New Puppet Virtual Machines

When provisioning a new virtual machine with Puppet, the Puppet Master can authenticate and configure the virtual machine. Provisioning a new virtual machine with Puppet bypasses the standard Puppet approval process, only cloud provisioning approvals are required.

After the virtual machine has been provisioned, the Puppet agent included on the virtual machine attempts to retrieve configuration information from the Puppet Master. If the Puppet agent and Puppet Master successfully communicate, the Puppet agent configures the virtual machine without further user interaction according to the node definition assigned to the virtual machine.